Get to know who is who in Aratubo – Saray Santana

Aratubo who is who - Precission welded tubes
We present the second episode of the series “Who is Who” in Aratubo. You will watch how our colleague Saray Santana, from Outsourcing Department, explains the global and tailor-made solutions Aratubo offers to their customers, from the tube manufacturing process to the delivery of the end piece. Aratubo manages and coordinates all the parties implied […] More info

Working for you

The full sales team at Aratubo is already back after the summer holidays. Our company gives service to the customers from the head offices in Vitoria-Gasteiz, with a sales team of more than 20 people. We provide you with an individualised and close service, as at Aratubo we speak the same language as you. Click on […] More info

We speak the same language as you

Do you know that the 100% of the Sales Department of Aratubo speaks, at least, 3 languages? We speak the same language as you… idioma… 语言… sprache… lingua… taal… hizkuntza #AratuboCuriosities #DidYouKnow #TubularGlobalSolutions More info

Get to know Who is Who in Aratubo – José Manuel Romero

What makes Aratubo brilliant? Its people, who work to offer tailor-made solutions according to the needs of each project. We present the first episode of the series “Who is Who” in Aratubo. Our Director of Sales & Marketing, Mr. José Manuel Romero, explains us about Aratubo’s development, how the customers’ needs have changed, and about […] More info
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