Dual Phase steels: high strength, high ductility, high formability

You probably have heard very often a word related to the automotive industry: Dual Phase.  They are steels with an excellent balance between strength and ductility after the forming process, which shows, for instance, a better behaviour to a collision. This aspect gives great strain redistribution capacity and thus drawability as well as some tube aspects, […] More info

How many kilometres are needed to travel around the world?

Do you know how many kilometres are needed to travel around the world? With the tube manufactured in 2018 in Aratubo we could do it twice ✈ Join us and press play! More info

More than 70,000 m² 

Can you tell the difference?  In 2018, Aratubo has continued making substantial investments that have allowed us to expand the range, increase production capacity to more than 100,000 Tn per year and increase storage volume to 18,000 Tn. Our production activities are carried out on 70,000 m² located in the Jundiz industrial estate. Thanks to our location, we can […] More info

Aratubo wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year Aratubo has focused on the talent of the upcoming generations. Our Christmas card has been chosen among all the drawings received from the employees’ children who participated in our Christmas campaign. Enjoy the video or the image gallery: https://youtu.be/p2invkNPnUo All the Aratubo team sends you their best wishes for these Holidays and for 2019. More info
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