Aratubo ofssets 30 tonnes of CO2

Aratubo offsets 30 tonnes of CO2 due to TUBE 2024

Aratubo leaves a footprint that reaches India at TUBE

During the last edition of the TUBE fair, we proposed focusing our participation as sustainably as possible, taking into account the environmental aspects on which we have an impact and that we can control directly.

Within this comprehensive focus, we have implemented an initiative intended to compensate the carbon footprint generated by travelling to Düsseldorf on the busiest day, coinciding with our special event.

With this action, we are reaffirming our commitment to the fight against climate change, within the framework of our climate action plan.


30 tonnes of CO2 released into the atmosphere

This year, the kilometres travelled by 109 people have been taken into account:

  • 25 belonging to the Aratubo team
  • 84 clients, from 49 different companies

The results of this experience are the following:

In total, the 109 people travelled 100,998 km, 60% of these by air.

This results in the emission into the atmosphere of 30 tonnes of CO2.

(Calculations made under the standard ISO 14064).


From the carbon footprint to the footprint of solidarity

To compensate the 30 t of CO2 emissions generated we have decided to set up 2 projects with a social and environmental impact in India, a country that is part of our value chain.

Solar-powered lighting and water filters for homes

To help families to access more energy-efficient products, this project replaces log fires and paraffin lamps with water filters and solar-powered lighting in India.

Efficient kitchens and solar-powered lighting

In rural parts of India, many people cook on fires, which pollute the interior air and cause trees to be felled. This project helps families acquire more energy-efficient products, such as better cookers and solar-powered lighting.

This compensation is conducted under the Gold Standard and is verified by Earthood Services Private Limited, who have provided the compensation certificates that can be accessed on our website.

ClimatePartner - 30,000 Kg. CO2 offset


Thank you for participating in sustainable initiatives!

At Aratubo we are very aware of the environmental impact we cause with our everyday activity. That is why we actively work to mitigate these negative consequences, promoting sustainable practices that are respectful of the climate.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this proposal

that has allowed us to become more aware of our actions and be more sustainable in our daily work.


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