Aitor López de Letona takes on the management of Aratubo

Aitor López de Letona takes on the management of Aratubo

For some months now, Aitor López de Letona has been the managing director of Aratubo.

A responsibility he has earned after forging his professional career with the company since 2006.


He began at Aratubo as an engineer and, a year later, he was appointed production improvement and product supervisor, a role he held until 2012, when he was named engineering supervisor. In 2016 he became the director of processes and engineering and 4 years later, in 2020, the director of production, processes and engineering, where he remained until his appointment as managing director of Aratubo in October.


Aitor López de Letona has achieved the responsibility of managing director at a challenging time for the company, as he himself acknowledges:

We are immersed in a moment that is as fascinating as it is uncertain, in which Aratubo is seeking sustainable growth that allows us to fulfil our goals. These challenges are principally linked to sustainability, process quality, customer service and care of human capital. In addition, we hope to respond coherently to the requirements of this changing market with constant ground-breaking progress. It is necessary to be able to achieve all of this without losing the essence and the values that have made Aratubo what it is today.


In this regard, López de Letona considers Aratubo, backed by Grupo Arania, particularly qualified, not only to successfully overcome challenges as important as sustainability and the mobility of the future, but also to position itself as one of the main partners in our clients’ projects.

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