Range Search Engine

Now it is even easier to find the tube you need

Use our range search engine to find the right tube for your needs

We have improved our range search engine on our website so you can easily and intuitively find the steel tube you need.

At Aratubo, our primary goal is to continue to expand our range of precision welded steel tubes to help our customers grow in their projects. We keep our range alive thanks to our customers.

How does it work?

Select the shape of the tube you need (round, square, oval, rectangular or semi-oval), the dimension and the thickness, as well as other options: galvanised or inner deburring.

You can quickly and easily find out if your tube is part of our range.


We manufacture our tubes in accordance with the UNE-EN 10305-3 and UNE-EN 10305-5 standards and we have expanded our range in terms of size and thickness.

If your project has other requirements, we will evaluate its feasibility with our engineering department to meet your needs.

Use our range search engine

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