Green Deal Runner-Up

Aratubo, Green Deal Runner-Up Award


At Aratubo, we have a firm commitment to sustainability and that is why we focus our efforts on transitioning Aratubo towards becoming a sustainable company in every way.

Proof of our commitment to the environment is this award that we have been given at the 10th Meeting of Green Deal Companies. A GREEN DEAL RUNNER-UP for good environmental practices 2020/2021. Specifically, thanks to our real-time monitoring of energy consumption. An award that recognises our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions to achieve excellence in energy efficiency.

In short, the project consists of monitoring the company’s most relevant energy consumption with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and the cost of our energy bill alike. It also aims to collect the objective data needed to establish a continuous improvement policy.


In 2017, an energy audit was carried out with a view to identifying and developing actions to reduce energy consumption in our facilities. Thanks to the results of the audit, we not only decided to carry out subsequent actions, we also decided to approach the development of an energy management policy through continuous improvement.


The objective is to implement an energy management system based on objective data that allows us to know, in real time, the company’s most significant areas of consumption. The purpose is to establish effective energy consumption reduction strategies, as well as to detect specific deviations that suddenly increase consumption. Deviations such as breakdowns, overloads, etc.

Environmental results and benefits

  • Anticipate breakdowns: Overconsumption is always an early indicator of a breakdown
  • Focus efforts on analysing previously collected data: in this way, the time that the Environmental Department spends on data analysis will be more efficient and, consequently, more effective
  • Start the process for receiving the energy certification according to the ISO 50001 standard – Energy Management System


We will continue to strive for a sustainable future!

Thank you!

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