A more sustainable Christmas thanks to the little ones at Aratubo

A more sustainable Christmas thanks to the little ones at Aratubo

Just like every year, the little ones in the Aratubo family have participated in our Christmas campaign dedicated especially to them.

This year, we wanted to have them participate in our Living Sustainability project. A project in which we include all our Corporate Social Responsibility actions with the aim of transforming Aratubo into a sustainable company.

We are aware of the need to take care of the planet and the importance of recycling in our society. That’s why we’ve asked our little ones to complete a very special activity: to decorate our facilities with reused materials.

For this task, they have carefully selected everyday objects that we all have at home, and they have put them together to make unique pieces. The only requirement they had to meet is that they be single-use objects – things that have already been used and that would normally be thrown away.

We have spectacular Christmas decorations made from plastic bottles, corks, newspapers, caps, coffee capsules and a myriad of repurposed items. Thanks to this, we have been able to help the environment, giving these items a second life and raising awareness about the importance of responsible consumption.

Our little ones have shown us how creative they really are. With a little bit of glue, paint and glitter, they have been able to brighten up our Christmas.

The results are some very colourful and sustainable Christmas decorations that look spectacular in our offices and plants.

Want to take a look?

In this video you’ll find more than 30 different garlands:

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