Green steel

Strategic collaboration agreement on green steel

Grupo Arania reaches a strategic collaboration agreement on green steel with Salzgitter Group

  • Salzgitter Group is one of the most prominent industrial groups in the steel sector
  • The use of steel with zero CO2 emissions is a fundamental objective in Grupo Arania’s operating plans


Through this agreement Grupo Arania ensures the receipt of a certain tonnage of zero emissions steel. As part of the SALCOS® (Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking) programme, the German Corporation undertakes to deliver this steel from the end of 2025 and Grupo Arania confirms its collaboration to make the production of high-quality steel required in its processes a reality, while at the same time ratifying in its values its commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change.

Green Steel Agreement


Unlike the traditional steel production process, this project focuses on sustainably sourced hydrogen and electricity, replacing carbon.


Carmelo Bilbao, executive vice-chair of Grupo Arania, affirmed:

Grupo Arania’s trust in Salzgitter as an approved and certified steel producer in zero CO2 steel justifies this major financial undertaking. Arania is taking advantage of the opportunity to receive the first quantities of steel with zero CO2 emissions by a certified and approved supplier, as part of the consolidation strategy of these types of agreements that Grupo Arania wants to establish with its suppliers”.


Gunnar Groebler, CEO of Salzgitter AG, stressed:

this transformation towards zero CO2 emission steel is a cornerstone of its “Salzgitter AG 2030” strategy and that “these partnership agreements show that our customers in Europe trust us to perceive the added value in the transformation towards green steel and are actively contributing to achieve this change”, in line with its same corporate vision “Partnering for Transformation”.


Alberto Lejarreta, CEO of Grupo ARANIA added:

we are the first steel producer in southern Europe that is going to meet steel product market needs with zero CO2 emissions”

and concluded:

“with Salzgitter, we can trust that the quality of the incoming material and efficiency of supply will remain at the very highest levels, which is absolutely decisive for us”.


About Grupo Arania

Grupo Arania is one of the European leaders in the transformation of steel. With more than 80 years of experience and 404,000 tonnes of processed steel a year, its continuous commitment to leading edge technology has seen it become one of the greatest exponents in the sector, and it has consolidated its presence in the major international markets, with activity in more than 65 countries and export rates of 80%.

The group consists of four brands: Arania, Aratubo, AR Racking and AR Shelving. GRUPO ARANIA places its human capital as the main driver for growth, with a firm commitment to inclusiveness, equality and the empowerment of people.

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