Cold rolled, pickled and galvanised

Our tubes are manufactured using a low-carbon steel. With our vast purchasing power, Aratubo enjoys complete security of supply of the raw material for our welded steel tubes.

As a member of the Arania Group, we handle the process right through from rolling the raw material to packaging the tube, guaranteeing complete traceability and product quality for our clients.

As part of the Arania Group, all of our production processes are integrated

Our cold rolling facilities in Arania, a company in the specialist precision cold rolling sector, enable us to produce made-to-measure products using the highest quality material which is appropriate for the characteristics of each type of tube.

  • Galvanised steel

    Most galvanised steel tubes are used for outdoor applications: fences, benches or town and road signage are just some examples.

  • Cold rolled steel

    You can find these types of tubes in home and office furniture. Specifically, in chairs, tables and other items with exposed tubes. Given the treatment that cold rolled steel undergoes, we maintain total control over its finish, enabling it to be used in pieces with exposed tubes.

  • Pickled steel (hot rolled steel)

    Pickled steel tubes are normally used inside machinery and in structural applications. They have a variety of uses and are not visible in the end product.

What type of tube do you need?

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