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Aratubo, a company that is constantly innovating and committed to continuous improvement

The activity carried out by the R&D Department is key to our value proposition. We have a team of qualified people immersed in the development of new products with which we can satisfy the needs of the most advanced sectors.

We are focussed on expanding our range of precision welded steel tubes: we research different thicknesses and dimensions, alternative materials and processes that add value to manufacturing.

In order to satisfy the needs of the market and increase our competitiveness:

  • We study the possibility of manufacturing welded tubes with stricter requirements than those established by regulations
  • We work hard to have in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge products, processes and sectors
  • We establish partnerships with suppliers of pioneering materials in the sector and with technology centres or laboratories



Within this general framework, we are developing 2 projects that deserve a special mention aimed at developing new materials to make vehicles lighter. Implementing this improvement in the global transport network will lead to a lighter and more efficient fleet, which will result in lower consumption and, therefore, a lower carbon footprint by reducing emissions.

Through the HYDRODP project, we are making technological advances with our Dual Phase steel. The main challenge of this project is to provide a solution to the demand for lightweight tubes for hydroforming processes.

On the other hand, we are participating in a large research consortium, ACPRESS, led by Gestamp together with other agents in the automotive industry, in order to implement solutions based on the numerical modelling of processes.

Both projects, thanks to the quality of their approach, are being co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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