continuous training

Continuous training

For Aratubo continuous training is a fundamental principle. Proof of this is the participation of Aratubo’s commercial department in a number of seminars during November. Where have we been?

  • In the Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce, Nerea Urcola helped us to improve our way of communicating more effectively.
  • In the Association for Management Progress, we discussed how to strengthen people’s commitment and involvement, alongside top-level professionals.
  • At the SPRI ArabaTIC 2018 sessions, we talked about Communication 4.0, new trends in social media and digital marketing.

In addition to external training, at Aratubo we organise internal seminars to share knowledge as part of a team, reinforcing the company’s commitment to the training of its people. Our next event? A workshop on time management, led by our Sales and Marketing Director, José Manuel Romero.

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