Equality Plan 2023–2026

Commitment towards a more equitable future


Aratubo is focused on implementing measures that promote equal treatment and opportunities between men and women, as well as eliminating possible discrimination based on sex.

As well as creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, we also seek changes that have a positive impact on reconciling personal, family and work life, as well as the well-being of the entire workforce and society in general.

Our Equality Plan covers the following fields:

• Selection and hiring
• Training and development
• Professional promotion
• Health in the workplace
• Corporate culture
• Work-life balance
• Remuneration policies
• Support for victims of sex-based violence
• Internal and external communication.

Equality at Aratubo is a process of continuous improvement whereby – through monitoring – we ensure the proper implementation of the envisaged measures, as well as identifying future needs that require new actions, with the aim of guaranteeing equal opportunities for everyone who is a part of Aratubo.

In short, our Equality Plan is not simply a legal requirement; it is also a strategic measure that has a significant impact on Aratubo’s success and reputation and ultimately of society in general.

On the path to a fairer and more inclusive society, business plays a key role in promoting equality between men and women, as well as diversity in the workplace. In conclusion, the Equality Plan stands out as a strategic tool that seeks to eliminate existing disparities and promote equity among all work teams.

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