Aratubo Guarantees the Service to the Customers

Aratubo COVID-19
Aratubo faces this unusual situation, all of us are living due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with responsibility, civility, determination and serenity, by prioritising the security of our employees and all the agents we are sharing our day-to-day with, and by guaranteeing the service to our customers. For this reason, Aratubo has adopted, according to the […] More info

ARATUBO, a company with continuous growth

ARATUBO - A company with continuous growth
According to the latest nominations in Aratubo, today we would like to make two more announcements. On one side, our colleague Maite Sánchez, who has been performing successfully the functions as Area Manager, assumes the position of Automotive Area Manager. On the other side, we are pleased to welcome Josu Ortueta to Aratubo family, who […] More info

Get to know who is who in Aratubo – Eduardo & Rebeca

Who is Who Eduardo & Rebeca
Here you are the third episode of the series “Who is Who” in Aratubo. In this occasion, our colleagues Eduardo and Rebeca, Area Manager and Back Office of Direct Customers and Distributors, tell us on first-hand the reason of their successful relationship with their customers and how their needs have changed in the last years. […] More info

Get to know who is who in Aratubo – Saray Santana

Aratubo who is who - Precission welded tubes
We present the second episode of the series “Who is Who” in Aratubo. You will watch how our colleague Saray Santana, from Outsourcing Department, explains the global and tailor-made solutions Aratubo offers to their customers, from the tube manufacturing process to the delivery of the end piece. Aratubo manages and coordinates all the parties implied […] More info
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