Aratubo towards being a healthy company

As one of the action points of our 2023 Global Sustainability Plan we are working to maintain initiatives that we have promoted for years, and to create new policies and measures under a healthy company model.

A healthy company is one with a management model that supports the complete well-being of employees, not just the absence of illness or injury, but also their physical, mental, and social well-being. It does not focus exclusively on the physical environment of the workplace, but also on aspects related to health habits and psychosocial and psychological factors, and fosters the development of a sustainable environment that guarantees diversity and inclusion.

Following this healthy company model, in addition to allowing us to develop the Aratubo Health and Safety system, certified in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard, also provides a range of benefits for all Aratubo staff:

  • Improving physical and psychological well-being and the general state of employee health.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction as employees feel cared for and looked after by the company.
  • Improving the working environment.
  • Increasing commitment and motivation of employees which, in turn, leads to an increase in production, quality, and improvement of services.
  • Reducing staff turnover.
  • Increasing talent retention.
  • And reducing absenteeism in the workplace.

Actions under a healthy company model

“Fruit Day” is one of the initiatives that we have been promoting since 2022. For 3 days every year, the entire workforce is provided with a variety of seasonal fruits and nuts to promote healthy eating in the workplace, and to encourage the habit beyond the workplace as well.


Fruit Day, an initiative carried out with Weekup.


Aratubo’s good practices in the field of occupational health and safety are also recognised externally. In November 2020, we received the Antonio Baró award, and we are often invited to speak at different forums, to promote our management and good practices in the matter.

On 4 May, a few days after the “World Day for Safety and Health at Work”, our ORP manager Fernando Calvo will participate as a speaker in a meeting organised by the “Formación de Seguridad Laboral” (Occupational Safety Training) magazine, in the Valencian Employers’ Federation of the Metal Sector.

Fulfilling our commitment to generate value for our stakeholders, through initiatives as a healthy company, we carry out responsible activities with one of our fundamental pillars: Aratubo employees.


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