Aratubo participates in the Datatón Euskadi with our AI challenge

As a member of the Basque Artificial Intelligence Center (BAIC), Aratubo participated in the first Datatón Euskadi on 16, 17 and 18 May. Organised by BAIC in collaboration with IndesIA, the event brought five teams together to solve real business challenges over three days with the use of artificial intelligence and data.

The participating teams presented innovative solutions to address common day-to-day problems in many private sector companies by combining data science, algorithms and expert knowledge, employing the full potential of artificial intelligence.

Our submitted challenge is based on “Predicting energy consumption on a production line”.  By predicting consumption patterns using artificial intelligence, we can identify opportunities to reduce its use and take proactive measures to improve energy efficiency, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future in the industry.


Datatón 2023


Technological gatherings such as the Datatón demonstrate the potential of artificial intelligence to drive progress and innovation in the industrial field.

Aratubo wants to continue moving forwards with and taking advantage of all the opportunities that artificial intelligence offers us to improve our processes, boost innovation and promote sustainable development.

Congratulations to our R&D department for representing us in the contest!

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