Aratubo COVID-19

Aratubo Guarantees the Service to the Customers

Aratubo faces this unusual situation, all of us are living due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with responsibility, civility, determination and serenity, by prioritising the security of our employees and all the agents we are sharing our day-to-day with, and by guaranteeing the service to our customers.

For this reason, Aratubo has adopted, according to the guidelines indicated by WHO and the Government itself, the following measures in order to guarantee our employees’ health, as well as the family reconciliation and the maintenance of the daily activity of the company.


  • Teleworking for all the positions where it is possible.


  • Flexible schedule for all the staff in Aratubo, so as to avoid the massive concurrence of staff in common spaces and to reduce the number of people at risk.


  • Elimination of business trips, trainings, visits and face-to-face meetings for all the employees.


  • Stablishing an Action Protocol coordinated by Security and Health Department of Aratubo which guarantees the protection of all the employees as well as proper individual and collective preventive measures to stop the exposure to virus.


  • Exhaustive control over transports and suppliers in order to secure the delivery to our customers with the higher guarantee of cleanliness and healthiness.


We are living unique moments which test us as individuals and as society, not only people but also companies. It is true that this situation will provoke inconveniences and nuisances in our day-to-day for a while; however, we are pretty sure that, thanks to our team’s human quality and professionality, we will be able within some months to look back and be proud of the way we faced this challenge the history has imposed us.


Thank you very much and all the best.


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