25th anniversary

Aratubo celebrates its 25th anniversary

The event was brought to a close by the Provincial Councillor of Álava, Ramiro González, and the Mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Gorka Urtaran.

25th anniversary Aratubo


Press Release

Vitoria – Gasteiz: 13/06/2022

The Álava-based company ARATUBO, which specialises in the manufacture of precision welded steel tubes, has held one of the events planned as part of its 25th anniversary at its facilities in the Júndiz industrial estate.



ARATUBO, a company belonging to GRUPO ARANIA, was founded in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1997, with a staff of 32 people and just two production lines. Today the company has over 180 employees and six production lines that serve its three lines of business: automotive, end customers and distributors.

In 2008, it expanded its automated warehouse and added a fourth production line, with the aim of become a leading supplier in the automotive components sector.

The company’s in-house quality laboratory was set up in 2015, and a number of years later two more warehouses were acquired, housing the current six production lines and their warehouses, which today cover an area of more than ​​70,000 m2.


Eric Arana, president of GRUPO ARANIA, highlighted the importance of the milestones achieved in the last 25 years

Eric Arana - President


ARATUBO has been growing for a quarter of a century and will continue to do so in the future. And we will do so with a firm commitment to sustainability, because we believe that companies must have a positive impact on their environment. The objectives are ambitious, and in accordance with our values, we will achieve them step by step and together, because we believe in people and teamwork.”


The company thus foresees new investments in infrastructure and machinery that will allow it to implement a new production line in 2024, which will provide Aratubo with greater production capacity and the ability to improve its flexibility of service.

Aratubo is currently working on what it considers to be priority issues such as industry 4.0, linked to its digital transformation, and aspects related to sustainability. This is demonstrated by the installation of solar panels, which provide improved energy efficiency, and the guarantee of origin certificate that certifies that the electricity consumed comes from 100% renewable sources.


Another of ARATUBO’s strengths is its clear social commitment. For some years now, the company has been implementing initiatives that contribute to collective well-being and promote social balance. These internal programmes improve the quality of the workforce and actions that aim to address the most pressing social issues.

ARATUBO is a company with a clear focus on export. Currently, 90% of its production is for export to Europe, North Africa and Mexico, and the company has a presence in over 25 countries.


In addition to the Provincial Councillor and the Mayor, the event was attended by the company’s most senior staff, representatives of Grupo Arania companies and the president of the works council. Also in attendance were financial entities, suppliers, managers of the SEA Empresas Alavesas, and the Chamber of Commerce.


ARATUBO is part of Grupo Arania, an industrial group of companies with a long history and wide scope, with multi-sector activity in steel transformation for over 80 years.

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