Art and Sport for Social Transformation

ODS 03 Good health and well-being ODS 11 Sustainable cities and communities

At Aratubo we know how important it is to take care of our loved ones and the environment. That’s why we participate in and lead projects that manage to contribute value to society and, at the same time, contribute value to the company and its members.

We are proud sponsors of the Txirrio Project. A project that gives us the opportunity to participate in social programmes in our nearest community.

THE TXIRRIO PROJECT is all about regenerating the sports court and park in the Txagorritxu neighbourhood in Vitoria – Gasteiz. A park in disuse that is not attractive to play on due to its poor maintenance.

The renewed basketball court owes its name to the river that once ran where the park is located today. According to residents in the area, the river played a very important role and brought the neighbourhood to life. It was the place where children played, where clothes were washed and where they even went fishing. This river still runs below the park and the new design intends on paying tribute to the river and somehow bringing it back up to the surface.

The final result is a completely renewed space, which generates a feeling of belonging and identification in the community.

The objective of this project is to promote the social transformation of communities by regenerating urban sports spaces. To do so, the community is involved throughout the process using art and sport.