To manufacture precision welded steel tube solutions and supply tailor-made solutions to cover the needs of the customers.

With an international scope spanning numerous sectors, our purpose is to ensure added value to our stakeholders, underpinned by a culture of sustainability and excellence of quality and service.


To be leaders and benchmarks as a partner in sustainable and innovative precision welded steel tube solutions.


  • People are our true competitive advantage

    We treasure not only their training and development in the company, but also preserve and guarantee their safety, respect, as well as the human and ethical values set out in the 2030 Agenda that form the basis of the behaviour of the organisation.

  • We ensure added value to our customers

    by supplying tailor-made solutions and always guaranteeing their satisfaction thanks to our culture of excellence in quality and service.

  • A commitment to sustainability

    aligning our business strategy with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and adherence to the UN Global Compact, linking the same objective: promoting the transformative power of companies to create a better world.

  • An international scope of activity

    which has guided the business development towards new markets providing a global vision, growth orientation, and diversification.

  • Adaptability and innovation

    as distinctive and differentiating features to quickly respond to industrial technological challenges, boosting our competitiveness.

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